The Dark World

A parallel world inhabited by creatures collectively referred to as The Soulless. Visions and scrying into this world shows a bleak landscape that seems to be a decayed and ruined version of the world of the living. Normally the Dark World cannot interact with the normal world, but there have been cases of bleed over throughout history.

The Soulless

A wide variety of these creatures exist, but can be put in two main categories, lesser beasts and greater beasts. The lesser beasts include Husks, Soul Eaters, Hollow Men, and Viscous Shapes. The greater beasts assume the forms from humanity’s ancient fears, such as vampires, werewolves, etc.

The 13th Hour

The Soulless have a unique power that enables them to create a field in which time slows down so that it appears to stop passing outside the bubble. This field is called an Oubliette, and the time effect is called the 13th Hour. The Grand Cross Clock in the club room will sound when the 13 th Hour is invoked in its area of detection.


A nest of the Soulless. It only appears visible to mortals under the effect of the 13th Hour, and appears to be constructed of ruins and nearby structures.


An area where the Dark World overlaps with the mortal world.


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