Current Club Roster

Current Roster of the Midnight Detective and Social Club

Alisia Fujimora

The club President is a young girl, looking much younger than 17, with blonde hair. She always has a quiet, serious demeanor and her calm is usually unshakable. She is a practitioner of Western style witchcraft. She enjoys tea ceremony and sweets. She has a no nonsense demeanor and is a good judge of character. She is the one who recruits the players into the club after a series of odd tests.

Takeru Moriyama

The club’s occult research expert. He doesn’t have any magic powers, but he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Soulless and the occult. Quiet and serious, kind of bland. Wears glasses, short and thin. Likes RPGs.

Risa Toshima

A stern, serious brunette, she is the heir to the Toshima School of Shinryu Magic Sword Style. Besides her family blade ‘Black Dragoon’ she also can summon the guardian demons Aitora, a powerful tiger-human spirit with blue and white fur, and Shiji, a white and red phoenix spirit. These are her protectors and warriors in a fight. She is a classic tsundere, with a weakness for cute stuffed animals. He family dojo in on the outskirts of the City and she travels there on the weekends to work at the dojo and train, while during the week she lives at the dorm. She has a strong sense of duty and honor.

Current Club Roster

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